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Pich Saravody and Sam Sreyna

First-Ever Survivor Alumni Celebration in Cambodia

At Hagar’s first-ever Alumni Celebration, more than one hundred women and men stood strong and honored their recovery journeys. Once traumatized, trafficked, and abused, today, they are accountants, business owners, mechanics, and lawyers who use their stories of overcoming to empower others. During Hagar’s Alumni Celebration event, former survivors shared their stories, offered words of encouragement, and engaged in group discussions to provide their feedback on Hagar’s programs. It was a rich

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Mony rebuilds her life

After two years of support, Mony is now thriving in community

A story of resilience unfolds in Cambodia. After two years of support and care from Hagar, Mony* is rebuilding her life and thriving in her community as a seamstress. When Mony turned 18, she moved from her small village in Cambodia to the capital city, Phnom Penh, to start work at a factory. Soon after, an old friend from her hometown reached out and reconnected with her. This friend told Mony about

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Trafficked Cambodian woman

Rana was trafficked by her best friend, today she is healed and thriving

Rana’s harrowing story of being trafficked mirrors the plight of millions of Southeast Asian women.  Rana (name changed to protect survivor privacy) grew up in an impoverished family in rural Cambodia. When her best friend promised her a good job in China, she jumped at the chance. She was going to be a “good daughter” and help her family. But when she arrived in China, her best friend sold her to a

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Rachana and Savan are rewriting their children's future free of exploitaiton

Rachana rewrites her and her children’s future

Rachana and her husband Savan desperately wanted to provide a hopeful future for their two children. But their tiny village near Cambodia’s border with Thailand had few job opportunities. There was never enough money to buy food, let alone pay for their children to go to school. As the demands piled up, Rachana and Savan fell into debt. When they heard about high-paying jobs in Thailand, they sent their children to stay

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Cambodian leaders trained to prevent trafficking

Cambodian Leaders Trained to Prevent Trafficking

Imagine if we could stop human trafficking before it starts. That’s the goal of Hagar’s prevention programs. Recently in Cambodia, our frontline team trained 51 local leaders to recognize and prevent human trafficking. The training sessions drew a diverse crowd including community council members and police officers. “I never knew the meaning of modern slavery and how to help our community members reduce their vulnerability to human trafficking and slavery and exploitation,” said

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