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Thu’s Story

When “knocking on” Hagar’s door for the first time, Thu was just a teenager. After nearly 10 years of joining Hagar, Thu’s life has been improved step by step.

Born and raised in a mountainous area in Vietnam, Thu never thought she would see the high-rise buildings and modern amenities of a large city. Understanding this, some bad guys took advantage of Thu and trafficked her into an illegal karaoke bar in Hanoi.

Fortunately, when Thu disappeared, her mother immediately contacted the authorities who rescued her after just one day of being away from home. However, this event has had a significant impact on Thu and the trauma remained with her for a long time.

In 2011, Thu officially joined Hagar’s program and received support and social services, including safe accommodation, emergency food, education, vocational training and psychological counselling. After more than a year, Thu became strong and stable and returned to her hometown to build a new life. Although Thu was able to overcome the trauma of the past, her poor health means she continues to face on-going difficulties. With her fragile physical and poor eyesight, it is almost impossible for Thu to observe or identify the world surrounding her. Along with that, Thu has certain intellectual limitations that make it even more difficult for her to generate her own livelihood.

Her case manager has assessed and supported Thu, and in collaboration with the Women’s Union, provided her with training in animal husbandry and pigs. By increasing Thu’s economic resources today Thu has a sustainable livelihood. After nearly 10 years of being accompanied by Hagar, Thu has overcome the difficulties of her past and is firmly standing on her own feet. Today as the mother of two children, Thu’s happiness has doubled, although there is increased pressure with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Once Hagar learned of the financial difficulties she and her children were experiencing due to the impact of the epidemic, Hagar provided nutrition and education support for her and her children. At the same time, Hagar has worked with the Women’s Union, to provide Thu and her children with additional support when required. Together we will ensure Thu and her children have the support they need to survive and thrive.

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