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Tien has a bright future before her

 Tien was trafficked from Vietnam to China at the young age of 16, where she was sold to 3 different Chinese men.

Almost 2 years later, she managed to escape back to Vietnam but due to financial difficulties, she couldn’t continue her studies and instead, took up a job at her uncle’s coffee shop to make money. To make things worse, her hopes of things getting better were dashed as the people in her hometown avoided and looked down on her.

Being completely frightened, Tien lost all her confidence and often contemplated suicide.
Tien was finally referred by the Department of Social Evil Prevention to Hagar. There she received shelter, health care, life skills training and career development.

After being counseled and mentored by Hagar staff, Tien was able to speak up and express her intention to go back to school and to one day become a social worker. It was a moment of profound happiness when Tien finally received the announcement of her passing to the Department of Social Work at the University of Social Labor.

Moreover, Tien has also got involved in Hagar activities as being volunteer with our Red Lotus group in Vietnam.

“I never thought I could be able to join a program like Red Lotus. I know there are peer support groups, but in this time of pandemic, I didn’t think I could join any. An online support group is amazing. Participating in Red Lotus helps me feel much better. Also, I had a chance to be a volunteer and even earned a certificate. I got to know lots of people and together we shared our stories, learned new things and skills. In my opinion, this program is super helpful for my career of social worker in future as well.” – Tien

Tien is realizing how beautiful life is, how bright her future holds, and her value. If you meet Tien, you will find a girl with strong energy and a warm heart who stood up to follow her dream.

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