We have to do our part.

Two weeks ago I was startled awake from a nightmare in which I had been in a room where adults were buying dozens of children like they were every day commodities. Many races, nationalities and ethnicities were represented among the traffickers and those being trafficked. I remember feeling a...

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Speak Out. Be aware.


After working as a social worker in the fields of mental health and child welfare for 20 years, and most recently with Hagar Cambodia, I recognize that a staggering number of individuals in the USA and globally suffer violence at the hands of their intimate partners. According to the...

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Heroic Hope

When I think of the word “Hope” I am reminded of the season in my life many years ago in which I felt hopeless, full of wandering, and struggling to find what I needed. It was during that time in the desert that I discovered faith...

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