A Mother’s Love Knows No Bounds


In January 2016, Nhi’s husband sexually abused their two young children. After years of physical abuse towards the family, Nhi decided to run away with her son and daughter, seeking refuge at Hagar’s Recovery Centre. All three were experiencing high levels of trauma. Nhi was quick to anger, isolating herself when...

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The Impact of Trauma-Informed Care



Several months ago, my 8 year old daughter and I were involved in a motorcycle accident in Phnom Penh leading us to lay down the bike and sacrifice some patches of skin to the pavement. The injuries were non-life threatening, but the incident was traumatic nonetheless—feelings of horrible guilt and...

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A Survivor’s Proud Success

Despite the many other hairdressers in the community, Dan's hairdressing salon is one of the most popular in town with clients travelling far and wide for hair appointments with her. Anh sometimes has to turn clients away and reschedule appointments because the salon gets so packed. Today, Dan is a strong...

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Foster Family’s life-long Impact to Survivors



Follow the story of Mr Sokhom and Mrs Plong Sopheap, foster parents to 13 Hagar clients since 2007.

Having both experienced life under the Khmer Rouge regime, Mr Sokhom and Mrs Plong Sopheap share similar stories of hardship. They were both separated from their families and forced to slave labour in...

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Nassima Pursues her Dreams


Before she turned 16 years old, Nassima’s father informed her that she was to be married off to a man over twice her age. This was not a marriage of love but about money, and she refused to obey her father. He turned violent against her, wanting to see...

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Long’s new-found Joy



Long called Hagar’s hotline sometime in September 2015, requesting financial support for her to undergo abortion. Her boyfriend had abandoned her after learning about her pregnancy and she didn’t want her parents to find out. She was aware of the shame it would cause if the news spread to her...

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“I have to be a Mother now” (Vietnamese)


Long gọi cho đường dây nóng của Hagar một ngày đầu tháng 9 với hi vọng nhận được hỗ trợ tài chính để phá thai. Em không hay biết mình đã có thai bao lâu và cũng không hề có kiến thức gì về việc mang thai. Em chỉ muốn...

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Walking the Journey with Children Like Nita

Located in Cambodia’s north eastern mountains, Pailin City is a key trade centre with Thailand. It is also a well-known drug trafficking centre. Small shacks house gambling, where dealers take and traffic drugs across slum communities. This is where Nita and her family grew up feeling unsafe and vulnerable.
Selling recycled...

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Chanty Begins A New Life

When she was 23 years old, Chanty was married against her will. “My parents and grandparents forced me to get married to a man I didn’t love. I protested again and again but they forced me. I feel sad that they didn’t undersand me. I had no choice but to...

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Why Didn’t You Let Me Die?


Giang used to be a beautiful girl. Tall, with long black hair and a stunning face. She was also very bright, and excelled at school. She loved school, her only dream was to study and go to university and she always came top of her class. For Giang, studying was...

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