Thach’s Story

When Thach found the courage to share her story and mentor other girls, she found a light of hope within herself. As a child, Thach experienced domestic abuse and a low sense of self-esteem. Today, she uses her own experiences to connect with other children at Hagar as a mentor...

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Career Pathways

What Does 20 Years of Hagar Mean to You?

Hear from some dedicated members from our Hagar Cambodia team as they share their reflections on Hagar’s 20th Anniversary. Check out our interactive timeline to explore the past 20 years of the Hagar journey.

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Saray’s Story

Legal and Protection Overview

Seeking justice is essential in the recovery journey of women and children at Hagar. You can help provide women and children with legal support and protection. Donate today.

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Survivors Gain Independence through Career Pathways

My Mother My Hero

Watch this touching story about one woman’s inspiration to protect women and children at Hagar. Join Sreyna as she walks with individuals from extreme vulnerable backgrounds. Donate today.

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Hear from Hagar’s Operations Team

In this short video, you will hear from members of Hagar's Operations team, and other experts from IJM. The journey is long, and we ask for your support so that we can help more girls - like the girls featured in the documentary - overcome their trauma. Whatever it takes, for...

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Vuthy’s Story – Moments with Hagar

“I’ll never stop trying.” Vuthy’s mother was an alcoholic. She drank heavily and beat Vuthy and his siblings regularly while intoxicated. At only age 8, he and his siblings ran away. They were without food, water, or any place to go. When Vuthy came to Hagar, he was always causing...

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An Intro to Hagar