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Hoa’s Story

Hoa is 27 years old, she’s a bridal make-up specialist and a hairstylist in training. Hoa loves her family, and she’s great at her job. When Hoa was a teenager, both of her parents suffered debilitating health challenges that prevented them from working. They found themselves struggling financially, so Hoa and her brother left school to find work to support their family. Hoa found work as a waitress. She made friends with

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Arunny’s Story

Arunny is 17 years old, outgoing and energetic. She smiles a lot and has always dreamt of one day becoming a chef. Until three months ago, Arunny never thought she would achieve this dream. After Arunny’s mother died, her father had not wanted to care for his daughter and moved away with his new wife. Arunny had no choice but to find work. This she found, but in a karaoke bar working in

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