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Tuân was two years old when he was trafficked to China

Tuân* was just two years old when he was trafficked from Vietnam to China along with his mother. His mom had been promised a good job across the border, only to be sold to a local man who abused them. “I was terrified,” she says.   When her husband died, Tuân’s mother was forced out of the house and left homeless. Together, she and Tuân scavenged for scraps and trash they could sell

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Mony rebuilds her life

After two years of support, Mony is now thriving in community

A story of resilience unfolds in Cambodia. After two years of support and care from Hagar, Mony* is rebuilding her life and thriving in her community as a seamstress. When Mony turned 18, she moved from her small village in Cambodia to the capital city, Phnom Penh, to start work at a factory. Soon after, an old friend from her hometown reached out and reconnected with her. This friend told Mony about

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