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Hiep’s Story

Hiep grew up in the mountains of Northern Vietnam. Hagar staff remember the first time they visited her at home after she called the Hagar hotline. When she was younger, she didn’t feel loved or known by her parents because they were always away trying to make money to feed their children. When she was 17, a friend of their family told her about an ‘exciting’ job opportunity across the border. Hiep

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Trang's Story

Trang’s Story

From darkness to light. Trang was never happy while she was growing up. Her father worked in another province and only came home once or twice a month, but his visits were always unpleasant. He would beat her mother and blame Trang for the violence. Being the only daughter in the family, everyone expected her to be gentle, intelligent, bright and respectful. Her whole life, Trang has been trying to please everyone

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Makara's Story

Makara and Sopheak’s Story

Two sisters find justice. Makara is seven, and her big sister Sopheak is nine. They live in a rural province in Cambodia with their grandmother, who they moved in with a couple of years ago when their parents moved away. In the months that followed their move, both Makara and Sopheak were raped by a relative. The girls had experienced severe trauma and were referred to Hagar for comprehensive care. Our case

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Hoa’s Story

Hoa was at University when she met her husband, Lanh. He was a single father who was taking care of his six year old son, at the same time as running an IT center for students. She told her parents she wanted to marry Lanh, but her parents weren’t supportive of the relationship. Hoa married Lanh anyway. Within a week of being married to him, she discovered why his first wife had

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