Maryam’s Story

Maryam, 20, faced a long and arduous road before coming to Hagar.  Her mother, alone and homeless and then a refugee in Iran, died giving birth to Maryam.  She was then adopted by an aunt and uncle. She never felt safe or relaxed at her new home and when she was only nine...

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Hoa’s Journey

Hoa was at University when she met her husband, Lanh. He was a single father who was taking care of his six year old son, at the same time as running an IT center for students. She told her parents she wanted to marry Lanh, but her parents weren't supportive...

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Yeang’s Story

Yeang grew up in a province about two and a half hours away from Phnom Penh, Cambodia with her mother, stepfather, and two half-sisters. Her stepfather married her mother when she was three years old, he’s the only father Yeang has ever known.  While there was a...

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Hau’s Story


Seven months ago, Hagar Vietnam received an emergency call in the middle of the night. It was from Hau, a 37 year old woman who had woken up to her drunk husband turning their house upside down. Hau feared for her life, he was violent and unpredictable. When her husband passed out, she decided to make a call to...

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Hiep’s Story

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Hiep grew up in the mountains of Northern Vietnam. Hagar staff still remember the first time they visited her at home after she called the Hagar hotline. They arrived in Hiep’s village just before sunset, and then had to walk another hour to find her house. The only way they...

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Zarifa’s Story

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Zarifa had never felt heard before she came to Hagar. She was married at a young age to a man with an abusive family, but like many girls her age, she really just wanted to go to school. She wanted to get a job. She wanted to live safely and independently as someone with agency and control over...

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Sok and King’s Story

Sok and King

Just over a year ago, in Battambang, Cambodia, Sok Channy and his wife King Sokhorn began the journey of fostering children with Hagar.

Sok and King share that their foster children inspire them daily, but fostering doesn’t come without its challenges. The real joy for Sok and King comes from the...

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Najia’s Story


Najia is a 23 year old client of Hagar in Afghanistan. She loved school as a child and was eager to learn all that she could. Najia’s education came to a halt when she turned 14 and was forced to marry a stranger.

Physical threats and pressure from her family left...

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Priya and her Path to Recovery

“I thought I would never be able to smile again, but Hagar helped me to be how I am today.” (1)

Priya is the eldest of seven kids. She loves her family, and when she found herself married to a much older man who was abusive towards her, at only 14, she wanted desperately to return to them. Sadly, her parents wouldn’t have her back. There’s so much shame associated with...

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USA vs. Erik Peeters


“In the beginning, I did not want to go to court against the perpetrator because I felt sorry for him as he helped me and my family a lot. But now I know that what he has done to me is not acceptable. I will be confident...

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