Wajia Shares Her Journey


I hope my family will accept me again.

I would do anything just to have their love back. I love them and hope one day they will let me back into their lives. But if they don’t, I will support myself.

Two years ago I had to leave my home. A...

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Nita’s New Vision


My name is Nita, and I am 9 years old. I study 2nd grade in school. My favourite subjects are English and Khmer Literature. In the future, I want to be a teacher so I can share my knowledge to the next generation.

I just came back from Singapore for my...

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Zuhra Finds Freedom


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been alone. I’ve had my own mind. My own opinion. My own plan for my life. Although it is typical in my country for young girls to marry, it is unwanted by many. I was one of the lucky ones—one who got...

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An Extraordinary Olympics Winner


A 18 year-old Ratanak was admitted to Hagar in 2009. Now he is studying at grade 2 at the integrated class at government school. He studies in the morning and receives training in the afternoon at Rabbit Café such as welcomes guests, cooking and t-shirt printing. He is friendly and...

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A House Mother’s Journey to Recovery – Mak Sok’s Story

The man is supposed to support the family, but all my husband did was drink. Not only were we poor, but he was also violent towards me. I did the best I could selling jackfruit, but we fell into debt anyways. I didn’t want this life for myself and especially...

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Be Strong for the Future – Seynea’s Story

I’ve always been happy with what I’ve had. My family was poor, but I didn’t complain. Whatever I needed to do to help us, I did—willingly. I wasn’t old enough to understand the difference between right and wrong. Until I met the foreigner. At first he treated me well, but then...

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Zarifa’s Story

It’s never mattered what I’ve wanted. A mentally disabled husband. His abusive family. The murdering of our children. My life has been filled with endless torture and pain. I wanted to go to school. I wanted to get a job. I wanted to live safely and independently. But in our...

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Sreylea’s Story

I used to be dirty. Dirty house. Dirty clothes. Dirty food. My family is very large and very poor. We used to collect trash to find recyclables which could be sold for money. While searching, we’d ask tourists for their leftover food to eat. We didn’t care about anything, including our...

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Overcoming Fear

Everyone has a story—mine used to make me cry myself to sleep at night. A few years ago my mother was murdered. My brother and I looked to the people of our village for help, but no one cared. They discriminated against us because we had been abused by a foreigner. We...

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Hagar Brought the Light Back to My Life

I’ve always been made fun of for my appearance. I was born premature which caused my poor health and created the hump on my back. I’ve been picked on by my peers, my neighbors and even my own family. I’ve never felt good about myself. When I was 18, I was...

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