Finding Healing in the Community


My name is Sokha and I was born in Phnom Penh. Our family didn’t have much but we were happy. My mother worked in the factory and my father was a driver. I was in school and doing okay.

But one event changed my life...

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Lanh’s Journey Begins


Lanh was neglected and abandoned by her mother, who had seven children with different men.

The 15-year-old girl has never known her real father and experienced physical abuse since she was very small. Left on her own at a very young age, Lanh lived in different places, including pagodas, while...

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A Mother’s Day Post: New Beginnings for Naron

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Mahida’s Story

Madiha tells her story straight-faced. She answers questions in a quiet, monotonous tone. “I will start from the beginning, because that’s where the violence started. My father died when I was a child, leaving my mother with my brother, my sister, and me. An enemy of our family would often threaten...

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Huyen’s Story of Transformation


Transformation is defined as “a marked change…as in appearance or character…usually for the better”
. As a staff member at Hagar Vietnam, I must agree. For each individual client in our care, transformation is different, but one thing remains the same…it is noticed, unique, and inspiring.

Take the case of...

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Kalyan’s Journey to Forgiveness


With her black sharp eyes, Kalyan is a friendly and energetic woman. It is hard to believe that she has had such a dark past. When she was 15 years old, she was trafficked for sexual exploitation by her mother. Now 19, she is a beautiful young woman living with...

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Coming Home


Anh, now 22, was just 18 years old when she was trafficked to China and forced to be a prostitute. For more than a year, she suffered her “darkest days” full of pain and sorry.

After 13 months of abuse, Anh was able to escape and leave China. But the...

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When I was 13, my father arranged my marriage with a 45-year-old man, who promised my family money in exchange for me. I was very unhappy with him, but endured life with him for one year before running back to my home. My father was very angry when I returned....

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Healing and Justice for Chantea

I was told to release the whole story but wasn’t sure if I could handle recalling what happened to me. I was nine when my stepfather raped me. I didn’t understand why he would do this—especially since he was supposed to love my mother. I was constantly scared and couldn’t...

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Linh Overcomes the Darkness


I wasn’t afraid of poverty. I didn’t know another way. What got me was the loneliness. Would my dream of a complete and happy family ever be reality?

When I was little, my mom passed away. She wasn’t my real mother—but my adopted one. I’ve never known my biological family....

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