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Tam’s Story

For years, Tam shouldered the immense responsibility of supporting her family alone. Neither she nor her husband received formal education. Both their son and daughter were born with cognitive disabilities, putting more strain on Tam and her husband. With few opportunities to earn a living wage, Tam’s family fell deeper into poverty and violence.

Tam faced weekly episodes of severe physical and verbal abuse from her husband. Though many in her community urged her to leave, she could not face the thought of abandoning her vulnerable children.

She stayed captive in the cycle of violence.

Tam, a survivor of Gender-based violence in Vietnam, rebuilt her life through Hagar's support.
Tam at her home in Northern Vietnam.

When their daughter became pregnant after being sexually assaulted in the fields near their home, Tam became her granddaughter’s caregiver.

Tam saw a glimmer of hope and possibility when she was accepted into Hagar’s livelihoods program. With a small business loan, Tam bought cinnamon seedlings and fertilizer. After her first successful crop, she was able to save money and invest in her granddaughter’s education. And through Hagar’s capacity-building training, Tam gained business and relationship skills.

As Tam and her husband participated in the program, his tirades slowly ceased. Today, Tam’s family is financially stable and at peace. Because of the family’s income, Tam is able to send her granddaughter to school. She is the only literate member of the family and has become a beacon of hope for their future.

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