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Unprecedented Times – A Note from Our Executive Director

Kirkendall Family

2020 has been an interesting year for us all.  It is times like this that I am thankful to be a part of Hagar, supporting women and children for the past 26 years.

The women and children we all support need our sustenance now more than ever.  During this time, vulnerable persons are in even more at risk situations.  No matter what else happens in the world, and many times because of happenings in the world, we must stay undeterred from our mission. Focused on our support and providing consistency.

In March, at the beginning of the pandemic, I took the helm at Hagar USA as Executive Director.  After years with Hagar, in both Cambodia and USA, this feels like a coming home.  In June, we welcomed another baby and I took maternity leave to adjust to our growing family.

I am back from my maternity leave, and even more passionate and dedicated to the work of Hagar.  There are so many different causes that vie for our attention, that are important and necessary.  At Hagar, we focus on supporting those who have experienced trauma to heal, develop their resilience, and lead full, productive lives. Our mission is to see communities free and healed from the trauma of human trafficking, slavery, and abuse.  This work is as important as ever right now. I am thankful for each of you, and your partnership with Hagar.  I look forward to getting to know each of you in the coming weeks and months.

My virtual “door” is always open.

Catherine Kirkendall


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