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Dana’s Story

Dana is a survivor of human trafficking who was among the 20 survivors who were rescued and admitted under Hagar’s care. She was trafficked from Cambodia to China when she was 15 years old and was sent back to Cambodia 3 years later.

She worked in a garment factory in Phnom Penh, where she was approached by a broker who convinced her to work in China in another factory for $1000USD/month. With her family’s needs in mind, Dana agreed. When she reached China, she was shocked to find that there was no factory work as the broker promised and was forced to marry a Chinese man named Yansin. Desperate to return home, the broker threatened to alert the authorities if she did not comply as she entered China illegally.

She stayed with Yansin for over a year and endured extreme abuse. One day she fell pregnant but due to severe violence, she had a miscarriage. Much later, Dana encountered the broker again, who promised her return home. This was not the case as she was sold again to another Chinese man. This form of coercion is used commonly by traffickers who re-traffick survivors again and again under false pretenses.

Finally, she was able to connect with a Cambodian woman who helped her escape. Dana stayed with her temporarily until she learned that the woman called the police to arrest her, so Dana left the woman’s home and went to the police station on her own. From then on, she was sent to a detention center and stayed there for 6 months before she was released and sent back to Cambodia in May 2021.

When she returned to Cambodia, she was admitted under Hagar’s care and was welcomed by her new foster mother in the Home of Love shelter. Hagar provided Dana clothes, hygiene materials and other basic needs, and accompanied her to health check-ups and treatments. With the help of case managers and economic empowerment officers (CMEEO), Hagar also helped find her family. After living at the Home of Love shelter for two weeks, Dana was able to be reintegrate with her family.

Dana’s journey to wholeness will take time, love and care. The team at Hagar Cambodia is committed to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes.

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